360 ° Exhibition at GAF Eisfabrik

"Everything will be fine Oleg" a Project I photographed with Wilma Leskowitsch, is Exhibited as a finalist of VGH Photo competition in Hannover.

In addition to the winning Projekt of Elias Holzknecht, five other projects are shown. Due to the current Corona situation, the exhibition could not be opened to visitors and is only shown in a virtual exhibition in cooperation with the HAZ and VGH. 

In a 360 ° Format you can see the projects of

Elias Holzknecht ›Schnee von Morgen‹ 

Valentin Goppel ›allá, en la pampa‹ 

Barbara Haas ›Resting Farmers‹

Wilma Leskowitsch und Fabian Fiechter ›Alles wird gut Oleg‹ 

Axel Javier Sulzbacher ›Cheran, Dorf des Wiederstands‹ 

Angelina Vernetti ›Smile Effekt‹