"we have to be humble" COVID19 at University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland

First publication and interview on the treatment of COVID19 Patient at the Unispiatl Basel, Switzerland

in "BZ - Schweiz am Wochenende".

>> In his opinion, the pandemic generated almost unbelievable numbers and theories, but hardly any pictures from the hospitals, not even from Basel. "The people in this country, often don't understand, what exactly happened." says Fiechter. His photographs from the university hospital are supposed to change that a bit. He wants to show that the virus didn't hit only Bergamo or New York; he wants to show how highly complex the medical care of Covid patients is, how complex the "organism hospital" works in this situation. And above all, how big the care of doctors and nurses can be towards the patient. "We have to be humble," says Fiechter. In Basel, the virus has so far only been managed thanks to clever measures. But there wasn't much missing, and Corona would have pushed the healthcare system to its limits ... <<<<

A translated excerpt from the article by Patrick Marcolli, BZ June 6th, 2020